Thursday, August 4, 2011

NWS 2011 All Member Show

The NWS All Member Show was held in San Pedro from May 25th to June 12th, 2011.  Juror, Marciano Martinez, selected an excellent and diverse exhibition!! 

One of my favorite artists, Frank Eber, was represented with his painting, Lunch Hour, NYC.  Frank has been collecting honors around the watercolor world with acceptances in several shows including a win of the Anne and Samuel Seeman Memorial Award in the 2011 TWSA Exhibition.

Frank, Penny Hill, and I posed for a fan-club photo of Nick Simmons whose Fresh Sushi was displayed as part of the NWS Permanent Collection of former Annual Exhibition Best of Show Purchase Award paintings. (Photo courtesy of Penny Hill, Artist and Fun Person)

Many favorite artists were included: Geri Medway, Fealing Lin, George James, Eric Weigardt, Judy Betts, Nel Dorn Byrd, Keiko Tanabe, Harry Shields,  Tom Fong, ...many others.  The painting, Muir Woods, by Lei Chi was super impressive in its photo-realism.

Congrats to NWS and Joy Gonzalez for an excellent All Member Show!