Friday, May 7, 2010

National Watercolor Society 2010 All Member Show

We just returned from the NWS 2010 All Member Show at their beautiful gallery in San Pedro, CA.  It was particularly special because my son, his wife, and my granddaughter were able to attend with us. Mr. Bailey spoke to her and said, "Are you the little girl who went whale watching?"  Kylie loved being recognized from the painting. It was such a treat to see many admired artists' work. To me, it was an awe-inspiring learning experience to walk through the gallery full of NWS and AWS signatures, as well as artists from all over the nation.

The view from San Pedro is gorgeous!  We took Loa Sprung's advice to go see the Korean Friendship Bell and enjoyed the incredible overlook area.


  1. Cheryl,

    Glad you got to spend time with your family:0)
    and your work belongs right there in the N.W.S.


  2. cheryl must have been a very special day for you your granddaughter and family .

  3. Granddaughter?? I thought this was your daughter! ... great photos! :-)

  4. Fantastic, Cheryl! How exciting for you, and that's so cute about your granddaughter!

  5. Thank you, Paul. I am always encourage by your comments.

    Jane, it was a great day - especially fun with some of my family there. I love your recent post with the greens!

    Ingrid, that tall young man on the left is my oldest son. The little whale watcher is his daughter. I've been told we three have the same!

    Patty, I love your sketchbook. It's lovely!

  6. The picture of Kylie is so good!

  7. Thank you, Bonnie! I think Kylie makes a good subject for paintings. :o)

  8. I just went to see the show yesterday and I wanted to tell you how beautiful your painting is in person. I'm so glad I was able to see the real thing! Congratulations.

  9. who is loa sprung ? my wife somehow has one of loa's etchings and it's beautiful.