Saturday, October 30, 2010

Palm Springs Rocks

Clever title - ehhh?  I don't know if this one is actually finished, but I am the point where every little change made is regretted - so it's time to stop.  I am not fond of those background droopy things. I came close to tearing the paper when trying to remove some of them, so they'll have to hang around. (Pardon the pun!)  This was done in a class on how to paint rocks - which I truly enjoyed.  Now, to sign up for a rippling water class and a wall of palm fronds class...sigh.  Even though it was a "learning painting", I think my Mom will enjoy it for Christmas. (Mums the word!) This was started in class from a reference photo provided for us by Geri Medway.


  1. Cheryl,

    I love those rocks nicely done Cheryl:0)!

  2. You did great! And the palm fronds are just fine!