Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Aboretum Waterfall

I recently visited the Dallas Arboretum on a rainy, cold afternoon and was surprised to see how beautiful it still was on such a dismal day.  This waterfall caught my eye with its textural stone and the splashy water. 


  1. Very beautiful! Like the crystal clear quality of the water.

  2. Wonderful! Excellent job on the water - a very difficult subject. Jan

  3. Nice composition. Loved your grandma and the flowers too.

  4. Sandeep, Thank you for your comment - especially encouraging about the water since it has not been a successful aspect for me in the past. I'm trying new approaches. This was a lengthy series of mask/glaze/mask/glaze...

    Jan, I naively thought this would be a more simple subject - not so! It was very challenging. I'm grateful for your encouragement!

    Christine, Thank you. My grandmother is 102 and not doing well for the last few weeks, so this painting means more to me each day.

  5. Beautifully done Cheryl! I love the colours and textures you have used in the stone as well as the eautifully done water!

  6. Cheryl,

    That is a really excellent painting I love the smoothness of the water that helps convey the textures on the wall.Superb!