Friday, March 12, 2010


SWS held a five-day workshop with the incredible watercolor artist, Judi Betts.  Judi's dynamic paintings compel the viewer to ponder how she did it!  They are full of color and shapes and movement...just unbelievable. 

Judi's workshops are NOT "Workshop-Light"!  Each day was brimming with deep insight into watercolor handling and design of the paper. The week really stretched me with new ways of doing things.  Her wealth of knowledge was generously shared with us, and I'm sure it will impact all of our paintings immensely. 

Beyond her masterful painting, I thoroughly enjoyed her ability to tell stories, her respect for her own teachers and ability to relate their contribution to her work, her enjoyment and presentation of meaningful quotes and writings, and her overall zeal as a person. You can tell she has a long list of friends! She's a talented designer of her own books and unparalleled card designs, and a savvy marketer.  Her products are amazing - each seem birthed out of years of experience knowing what artists actually need! 

I knew the workshop would be fantastic, but truly was not expecting the depth of information we received in such a short time frame.  It's like a semester in a week!  Whew!  AWESOME! 
Throughout the week, she frequently referred back to important teachers that had impacted her painting. I can tell that I'll be referring to Judi Betts and her workshop as one of those important steps in my painting progress.


  1. OH! How fortunate you are. I'm so envious. Jan

  2. That would have been so great! I love Judi's work. Just found your blog and I look forward to following you! I paint watercolors too and I'm a mom of three! Nice to get to know you :)