Friday, September 3, 2010

Huntington Beach Art League

The Huntington Art League holds monthly meetings just a stone's throw from the beautiful ocean.  I attended the meeting on Wednesday and was really impressed!  All levels of artists from beginners to master class painters attend.  This month's demonstration artist was Bernard Fallon. He is from England and is an excellent photographer and artist in several mediums.  His demo at the meeting was a scene of a mountainside field - done in pastels.  The group has many submissions to their monthly art contest.  Mr. Fallon chose the winners in each category.  I felt lucky that my painting, Inkoiry, was selected as Honorable Mention, especially given the number and quality of work exhibited in the watercolor category.  Michael Allen (Punke)'s gorgeous painting received the blue ribbon.  He is one of the many art teachers that are members of HBAL.  I know it will be a great experience to be part of this organization.


  1. Hey, you are really getting out and about. Your work is always improved from the last time I look. I like this idea of a monthly competition and I might see if my local Oregon society might do a similar contest. Keep your brushes wet!

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