Sunday, November 14, 2010

Fealing Lin

The National Watercolor Society hosted a demonstration today with Fealing Lin.  The new gallery was a great spot for the full-house crowd who came to see this internationally recognized NWS signature artist. It was interesting to learn that Fealing was originally a dentist from Taiwan.  Besides being an outstanding watercolorist, she has a delightful personality.

Fealing used a hot-press block for her portrait, which was taken from one of her Renaissance Fair photos. While using local color as a basis, she identifies the subtle warms and cools to lay in a variety of colors as a tinted background.  Using her "Sean Connery" model of facial planes, she carves out the features by changing temperature or value as the planes change. Subsequent layers keep warms over warms and cools over cools in most cases.  Fealing beautifully linked and opened passages into each other through lost edges.  I found it enlightening to see how she made shadows and their larger shapes. Rather than lay in a literal "shadow-colored shape", she moved through the shape adding darker colors of the local color.

"Beyond Melody and Poetry"
This demonstration was inspiring and quickened my inner enthusiasm for painting people.  I thoroughly enjoyed my first full workshop ever with Ted Nuttall and saw similarities in their approaches. Fealing Lin gave an excellent demonstration, and I cannot wait to see the completion of the painting!!  With apologies for the flash glare and poor photo quality, the picture to the right  shows her recent work that was juried into the 2010 National Watercolor Society Annual Exhibition.  She is one of the contributing artists to the Northlight book Watercolor Secrets by Rachel Rubin Wolf.   Her self-portrait is featured on the cover of the book.


  1. I love living vicariously through your watercolor experiences:) Very cool! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Fascinating story today! Thank you,Cheryl!

  3. Hi Cheryl,
    You have a wonderful blog! I especially like your post on playing the piano, yay! I just copied it and I'm printing it out to put in my studio. Thank you for inspiring me today!

  4. When you coming back? I miss your reports girl. It's time to get back to painting and chatting. You'll be better for it. :) :)

  5. OK, Carrie, I posted two that have been on the back burner. Thanks for the gentle reminder.

  6. Hi, I'm an italian girl and few years ago I met a young artist in Poggibonsi (Tuscany, Siena). She took me some photos and few months later she sent me a nice album with my photos. I've a very nice memory about this artist and I'm trying to find her. On the envelope she wrote Fealing Lin 1720 Ramiro Rd San Marino CA...USA
    I'm sorry for my English and I hope you'll answer me! Elisa from Italy :)

  7. Hi Elisa! I don't have a link to write you back, but wanted you to know I talked with Fealing about your post and she remembered you. I think the address you have is correct, so just drop her a note. I'm sure she'll enjoy hearing from you.

  8. Hi! I'm so happy to hearing from you! I would like to write her in a faster way than through the classic post! I would like to write you or her my e-mail address in a secure way (ie not in a public way) :P but I don't know how! :P Could you help me?
    Meanwhile I can write you my Facebook name: Elisa Agrò.
    I'm sorry again for my English.
    I thank you so much :)
    Talk to you soon!