Thursday, November 11, 2010

Nancy Goldman ~ Tustin Art League

This is the second month that I've attended the Tustin Art League meeting. This relatively small art group has offered excellent demonstrators.  Sharon Sakimoto, a professional photographer, was the demonstrator in October and gave an extremely helpful tutorial on how to photograph art work for entry into competitions.

Last night's demonstration was given by Nancy Goldman, a diversely talented and hard-working artist from the Santa Ana/Tustin area who presented the beautiful art of silk painting. The audience was fascinated about the dyes and other products used.  While the application looked similar to watercolor, silk painting requires a resist to prevent the dye from invading reserved areas in the fabric and had other characteristics that determine the desired method of application.  Nancy was extremely knowledeable about the product choices and techniques.  She was an excellent demonstrator, fielding almost incessant questions from the audience who were eager to learn more about it. She provided numerous finished samples of her handiwork to depict the results of each technique.  It was very apparent that Nancy had invested hours preparing to give real-life examples of each stage of the process.  It was like a cooking show where she would paint on the fabric and then "pull one out of the oven" that was already dried and ready for the next step. 

She showed how different types of salt resulted in various textures and how droplets of alcohol could yield beautiful variations.  From the first application of the drawing on paper to recommendations on framing the finished piece, Nancy gave us a wonderfully full picture of the medium's beautiful qualites. She also generously donated two GORGEOUS paintings to be raffled off for the group.  People were grabbing up tickets like a day-after-Thanksgiving frenzie!!  Unfortunately, my daughter and I didn't possess the lucky tickets, but two grateful individuals went home with treasures.

Check out Nancy's short video of the process on her website post from November 1, 2010 "Silk Angels":

She will be teaching Silk Painting classes soon.  Contact Nancy at:

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  1. Hi Cheryl, Thanks for coming last night to give moral support and thank you for writing such nice things about my demo. I'm glad you enjoyed it and I hope you try silk painting sometime. It really is so much fun!